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Here's the Problem

Apr 4, 2022

Teen Think Tank Project Co-Founder Matt DeSantis sat down with thought leaders and researchers back in January to talk about the economic, social, and political impediments that shape our societal response to the pandemic.   Matt is joined by Dr. Stacy Wood, the Langdon Distinguished University Professor of Marketing at North Carolina State who discusses Project Warp Speed in terms of “product roll out” and how society’s response to the vaccine compares to its acceptance of other market innovations.   Matt then chats with Dr. Carl Latkin, the VICE CHAIR of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, BEHAVIOR, AND SOCIETY at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Latkin discusses the concept of vaccine hesitancy and what young change agents can do to help communicate with those who refuse to accept scientific advancement and dispel misinformation.  

Finally, Scientific America Associate Editor and journalist Tanya Lewis talks about her experience reporting on the social impediments affecting Black and LatinX people’s ability to receive equitable access to the COVID Vaccine.