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Here's the Problem

Apr 11, 2022

On this week’s podcast we take a sneak peek into the inner workings of our Health Equity Research Cohort’s work on access to care in America.  For the past three months, the research associates have been exploring the impediments inherent in the American healthcare system.  Through their conversations with many thought leaders, educators and advocates, the cohort learned that economic and social conditions overwhelmingly influence the differences in health status for individuals and groups, otherwise known as social determinants of health. 

First, Valerie White, who is the Community Impact Manager for Health at United Way of the Plains joins the cohort to lay out the basic definition of health status and social determinants of health.  

Then, Dr. Laura Haselden, an emergency room physician and co-founder  of IMPACT In Healthcare, walks the group through a very engaging discussion on social determinants in action by examining the social, environmental, and economical influences that are affecting healthcare outcomes from members of society.  

Finally, Dr. Ruthann Russo, Associate Professor at Kean University, talks about the existential threat to healthcare as laid out by the American Medical Association.    

These conversations offer valuable lessons about healthcare in America. Enjoy…