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Here's the Problem

Apr 20, 2022

The Teen Think Tank Project's 2022 Winter Research Cohort hosts their Policy Framework Launch Party to discuss the current state of the American Healthcare System.

Our nine exceptional high school change agents conduct an in-depth analysis of the issues preventing meaningful healthcare reform in our country. Kimia Shahriyar, Avantika Malla, Moksh Patwari, Riya Mehta, Vaanya Salwan, Leyla Tiryaki, Jeyven Chhina, Gianna Grasso, and Keara Field discuss the economic, social, and legal impediments that have created a healthcare system that values profits over patients.

In the season finale, the cohort not only gives us something to think about, as it relates to creating a more equitable healthcare system...they give us action items we can take to ensure that the basic human right of healthcare is attainable for all.